Everybody involved in sales of one form or another would love to have a magic sales technique that could close any sales lead. In fact, I think almost anybody involved in business would agree with that statement. Sometimes it can seem that successful business people have discovered a secret that they are hiding. You have great ideas and a sound business plan that makes perfect sense, but then the cold hard truth hits home. Selling your great ideas is so much harder than you first imagined. 

Grant Cardone is probably one of the biggest brands in sales right now, worth millions: the ultimate sales guru! What does Grant know that has enabled him to buy his own personal private jet? Is it simply his 10x brand? Or has he found a magic technique; if so, wouldn’t it be great to learn what he has? You could buy his book, ‘Sell or be sold’, as this will get you moving in the right direction. 

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But here’s the truth: there isn’t a secret sales technique. That might be disappointing, if you’re looking for a quick fix. But this fact leads to another, better question. If there isn’t a secret technique, what do the top performers do that the rest don’t?

First and foremost, the top performers are the ones that really mean it. They have a drive to be the best and are not content with being mediocre or mid table. They take bigger action than their competition and will do everything that is necessary to ensure they are successful.

They also invest in their skills and are constantly looking for ways to improve their effectiveness. Customers and markets evolve and it very important for the modern professional sales person to stay ahead of the game. The principles of selling have remained the same throughout the ages, but there is always something new to learn and most importantly practise.

Moreover, you can't learn to swim by reading a book and you won't become an expert sales professional unless you get busy.

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