This is actually the biggest challenge faced by a new salesperson, and especially for field-based salespeople. You will most probably be given product training and hopefully some tactical sales training, but then be left to your own devices to decide how and where to spend your time. Planning and managing your time is one of your greatest challenges as a sales professional. If you remember Pareto’s Law ( you need to spend 80% of your time with the 20% of your customers who make you 80% of your business. This is easier said than done. 

So why isn’t there more training given in this area? Wouldn’t you agree that this is a massive missed opportunity? It often then falls to the sales management to coach these skills in the field, which can be very time consuming and not always possible with the myriad other tasks a sales manager must accomplish. 

Maybe you could just forget a strategy and just make as many sales calls as you possibly can. This would probably get you some decent results, but at what cost to your work life balance? Remember your time is precious; something that, once gone, you can never get back. Grant Cardone, in his book, ‘Sell or be Sold’ asserts that the key to success is taking massive action - his so called 10x brand. He goes on to say that you need to act like a ‘maniac’. Now, I get that he’s partly saying this for dramatic effect and I’m sure he’s just emphasising the work ethic that is needed to succeed. However, I’m not convinced that acting a maniac is a) much fun or b) particularly effective in a complex sales scenario. I’m sure you’d agree that you will most likely end up irritating your customers with this approach. 

I was lucky enough to have been exposed to strategic selling right at the start of my career in the late 90s, in the booming IT industry. I was working in the City of London shadowing some of the best sales professionals I have ever worked with. They were earning serious commissions that I could hardly believe as I keyed in their orders at the end of day. What was their secret? 

STRATEGY – They focused all their efforts on the customers that would deliver the highest returns. They had a systematic approach to building sales plans that grew existing business, whilst developing new opportunities; what’s more they still had time spare to get me drunk and laugh at the consequences!

Over the last 20 years, I have put these skills to good use and have refined and developed these methods. An overview of the approach is covered in the book ‘Complete Selling’ and to complement this I have developed a one day training session (amongst others) which will teach participants to: 

Assess your market.

Highlight high potential customers.

Understand the sales cycle.

Qualifying leads.

Identify all the buyers within a complex sale.

Understand ‘Buying Modes’ – your key to sales success.

Build a plan to guide your daily activity.

Use your network to sell.

Fill your pipeline with leads.

All courses will be enjoyable so come with a positive attitude – you will have fun and learn!  


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