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If your goal is to improve both the strategic and tactical skills of your sales team 360 Group is here to help you.

The 360Seven is a comprehensive sales and marketing system that blends objective science with the sometimes-intangible personal aspects of complex selling.

"Our mission is simple - we are here to train, coach and inspire your sales team"Martyn Jellett - Founder & CEO
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The accounting function of a business aims to be deterministic, i.e. this happened in the past so it should happen again in the future.

However, in sales, every situation and customer interaction is unique and therefore inherently unpredictable. 

Knowledge of the present will only determine the probability of sales in the future, which is often at odds with what your accountants want.

One solution favoured by the accounts to reduce uncertainty is a CRM system, such as salesforce.com, but as many have found they are only as good as the information put into them by the sales team.

The 360Seven sales training system from 360 Group, aims to address this problem by providing your team with the strategic skills they need to provide accurate information and analysis of your sales opportunities and also the tactical skills to execute them professionally. This leads to bigger and more accurate sales forecasts, which makes everybody happy (including your accountants…)

So, if your goal is to improve both the strategic and tactical skills of your sales team, to increase your sales performance, let’s start a dialog.  

360° Group is proud to offer you the 360seven sales training system

‘The perfect sales system for an imperfect World’

Make Your Sales Team WORLD CLASS

The 360Seven professional sales
training system.

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