About: Martyn Jellett

Hi, I’m Martyn Jellett,

Founder of the 360° Group.

The “about me” page on websites always feels a bit weird…  why are they always written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the owner of the site?

So, after Martyn Jellett made several attempts to sound like the greatest sales trainer ever by writing about himself in the third person, he quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write this page like it was a letter to a friend.

Which …in many ways, it is.

Anyway – what do you want to know?

"Our mission is simple - we are here to train, coach and inspire your sales team"Martyn Jellett - Founder & CEO

I'm 43 years old. I live in a little seaside town called Broadstairs in the corner of Kent (about 70 miles from London) with my current wife, Sally...

Only kidding, we’ve been married for 21 years and she’s a keeper. We have two kids and two mad Scottie dogs named Basil and Humphrey

But I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for?

You’re probably wondering,

Is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention?

For many readers, my answer is NO.


1. If you’re working for a big business, with a training department and a HR department...

...you’ve probably already got your sales training covered.  

I’m guessing you’re using one of those big fancy sales training brands that will definitely tick some boxes and make you look like you’re investing in your team…

(you may have guessed from my tone I’m sceptical as to how effective this kind of training is…because I’ve been on so much of it…yawn…).

However, I get it. If this is working for you there’s no need to change, in which case I’m not your guy.

But if you'd like to shake things up and get an outside perspective, it's probably worth a conversation.

2. If you want a six-foot alpha male with a jaw chiselled from granite,

who tells self-aggrandising stories about what a stellar sales guy he was...

rather than focusing solely on helping you and your team to sell more  

...I’m also not your guy.

3. If you think one sales training course in isolation will cure all...  

...without putting in the hard work and dedication that is essential to succeed – I can’t help you.

I’m not responsible for your motivation or even the success of your business for that matter, although successful businesses have more money to spend on things like training, so I do have a strong vested interest in your success...

...and I can’t sell your products for you… unless you pay me lots of money as a consultant ;-)

So I'm probably not your guy.

You’re Still Here? Good.

Here’s what you can expect from me.

Inspirational training from me and my associates who are passionate

about sales and helping you and your team get really good at all the aspects of professional selling.  

This will help you convert more leads into paying clients.  

And this will make you more money, which is kind of the point of business, right?  

We will deliver a tailor-made course live that will fit you...

...a bit like tailor-made clothing that you know always feels and looks better, rather than generic stuff made for everyone, that actually fits no one.  

On-line training is the new buzz...  

...but did you know only 2% of viewers make it all the way the end of a recorded video presentation?

In fact, most people only pay attention for the first 2 minutes before either bouncing or getting distracted by Facebook or Instagram or whatever they can find.

On-line training has a place for sure, but you want this training to really work, right?

Because you want to convert more leads into paying clients,

and, as the saying goes,

‘you can’t learn to swim by reading a book’

And selling is the same:  you need an expert to guide you live and demonstrate best practice!

We’ll give you the theory, show you best practice and show you how to practise...

...essentially teaching you how to become your own coach.

Then we’ll help you appraise your progress by continuing to work with you.

You and your team will come away from one of our courses with actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your sales calls.

If you go over to the knowledge hub right now, there is a whole selling course for free!

This will give you a flavour of the sort of things we’ll cover.  

Or send me a text or an email or a carrier pigeon…  whatever you prefer and let’s start talking.  



P.S. Finally...

"How do I know if your stuff is any good?"

is probably the next question on your lips.

But as any marketing expert will tell you, you’re probably not going to book a course the first time you land here on my website...

...even if there were loads of flashy videos and testimonials… but how many times did you read a 5-star review, buy the product and find it wasn’t great?

The best way to decide whether this is the best sales training for you is to get talking and you can make up your own mind whether my team and I are right for your team.  


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