Tactical Skills

Delivering professional Sales Calls

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All of the tactical courses we provide focus on equipping attendees with the skills to conduct effective sales calls with sophisticated customers in professional business to business settings.

We offer a comprehensive package of training courses which provide a fresh external perspective for delegates and peace of mind for you that your training needs have been taken care of.

Tactical Skills

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90 degree

Solid Foundations

This course is ideal for those new to professional selling, but also as a refresher to more experienced members of your team. Based on sound principles proven to enhance customer engagement and sales outcomes.

  • Delve into the structure of a high impact sales process
  • Learn the theory behind consultative selling
  • Understand the motivations behind customer buying decisions
  • S.M.A.R.T Objective setting
  • How to plan a sales call in advance
  • Be competent at the key phases common to all successful sales calls
  • Self appraisal and post call analysis
180 degree

Professional Skills

Training is a continual process and this course is designed to build on the basics and turn your team members into independent sales professionals, capable of building relationships with sophisticated high status customers.

  • Rapport building
  • Setting and agreeing mutually beneficial agendas with customers
  • High impact customer interview skills
  • Convincing customers who raise objections
  • Coffee is for closers!
360 degree

Advanced Skills

Advanced skills for sales professionals who have been selling for some time.

The focus of this course is the application and demonstration of all the preceding content but in a polished expert manner.

Through a series of challenges and scenarios, delegates will hone their skills and be given an assessment with recommendations.

We build all courses to your specific requirements

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