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"Our mission is to help small to medium sized businesses accelerate and grow sales by improving sales force effectiveness"Martyn Jellett - Founder & CEO

Small investment, Big return

You know nothing happens until something is sold, and you understand the need for high quality sales professionals to represent your brand and win customers. But good salespeople can be hard to find and ineffective salespeople are a liability.
It is proven that even a small investment in professional coaching and development can have a transformational effect on your sales.

Aspire, to be World Class.

You’re responsible for Training and Development, building and developing your work forces of today – and tomorrow. You need no convincing of the value of what you do, but some colleagues may hold shorter term views and question the need for investment in this area.

We're here to help.

But that’s not all we do. By partnering with 360° Group we can make the recruitment of sales professionals work for you. Graduates are a cost-effective way to bring enthusiasm and potential to your business. If supported correctly, they can be shaped into your star employees of the future. Get in touch to see how we can help reduce the time to successfully integrate new employees and significantly improve employee retention.

"We have partnered with the best specialist recruiters in your industry and can help integrate new team members successfully into your business"Martyn Jellett - Founder & CEO

360 Degree Secrets of Selling

by Martyn Jellett
"Inside are the 360 degree secrets of professional selling."
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360 Degree Secrets of Selling.

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